¿Who we are?

Accento, marketing and tech Company; as result from a previous consulting activity.

Strategic marketing  and technology implementation are executed using worldwide quality standards. Plan’s execution is always based on innovative processes every time, high quality business practices and a commitment qualified human teamwork, extensive experience, vocation and service philosophy for necessary attention in b2b activity model approach.


Our main flag, “generation of simple solutions for big ideas combining marketing and world-class technology”.


we got our own resources from local presence in the countries where we have presence; We manage strategic alliances of great importance for the development of comprehensive solutions, including all the following elements: Marketing, Engineering, Facilities, Preventive Maintenance, Technical Assistance, Third Party Solutions, Support and Service of our own and third party products, emphasizing our advantages of: Innovation, simplicity of use, commitment to excellence, social responsibility and sustainability.


15 year on market, creating, minding & implementing ideas.

We get involved into business to serve the corporate market in all branches, willing to obtain a perceptible improvement from the brand to maintain crystal clear communication targeting their audiences all times.

Our main goal is to attend and create experiences going aligned from the company's strategic objective, to targets, every time keeping the best Marketing-Tech relation .

Started back in Colombia on 2015,  Mexico since 2019, United States since 2017.