Who we are

We are a company for solutions, marketing strategies and technology, bearing in mind world standards and with the highest level for companies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Innovative processes, best business practices, a highly qualified and experienced human team with a vocation for service driven by excellence and customer service with a business-business model approach.


We always say “Create practical solutions for big ideas that combine marketing and world-class technology”.


We have our own local resources in the countries where we operate. We manage very important strategic alliances for the development of different solutions, including: Marketing, Engineering, Installment, Maintenance, Technical Assistance, Third Party Solutions, Support and Service of our own and third party products, with an emphasis on the “advantages”: innovation, simplicity, excellence, social responsibility and sustainability.


The company's history begins more than 15 years ago, when the founders talked in their usual occupations, forming criteria and developing ideas.

The company was born to serve the corporate market in its great mobility, in its desire to obtain a slight or profound change in its brand identity, and to maintain contact at all times with the information where it wants its users to be located.

We are dedicated to serving and creating experiences that go hand in hand with the company's strategic goals, always keeping in mind the best Marketing-Technology relationship.

We started in Colombia 6 years ago, in Mexico since 2019, and a commercial structure in the United States since 2017.